Your Urgent Top 5 Questions about the Benefits of Prostate Massage Answered


1. What is a prostate? 

The prostate is a gland in men that rests under the bladder. Its main duties entail producing one of the fluids in semen and pushing ejaculation forth. It is similar in size to a golf ball.



2. I know what a prostate massage is; it’s like a rectal exam. Why would I want to voluntarily undergo that experience, if it’s not my cup of tea? What are the benefits?

Doctors and medical professionals have long noted that, ahem, getting the pipes and plumbing adjusted has health benefits. A prostate massage is a lesser known treatment for certain medical conditions like erectile dysfunction, prostatitis, and clogged urine tubing. Prostate massage cuts down the inflammation that impacts prostatitis and unblocks the tubes needed for urine passage. Especially when one has tried all the typical therapy routes, prostate massage provides another alternative.

3. Is the massage itself painful? 

The actual procedure involves the gentle massage of the rectum with a moistened, gloved finger. Patients generally have several sessions over a period of months. Some patients report discomfort, whereas others voluntarily practice prostate massage for orgasmic purposes. Some circles refer to the prostate as the male “G-spot.” It’s rumored that prostate stimulation triggers stronger orgasms in those that practice it.


4. So… it feels pleasant? You’ve got my attention, now. 

When done properly, prostate massage is an active part of many people’s sex lives. Stimulation with a finger induces an orgasm in some, while others can use a variety of toys. Prostate massage gives many the opportunity for experimenting with their bodies.

5. How do I sign up?

While you can always schedule a medical appointment with a provider, prostate massages at home require some prep. You need lubrication for protection from tearing and gentle entry. For more experienced masseurs, we offer a variety of prostate massagers. 


Contact us today for more information!

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