How We Love Lube: Our Top 5 Reasons to Use Lube!


Some people are hesitant to try lube because they think they shouldn’t need it. But even people who don’t need to use lube find that it helps them have more pleasurable and longer sex. Plus, there are unexpected health benefits to using lube.

1. It Makes Everything Feel Better

Fingers? Toys? Penises? Anything you can penetrate yourself with usually feels better with a dollop of lube. Insertion is easier. Plus, you can last longer, so you needn’t worry about things becoming uncomfortable if it takes you longer to orgasm!

Lube isn’t just good for the receiving partner, either. Penetrating partners can also experience more pleasure when you add a little lube to the equation.

2. It Prevents Infection

Even if you don’t feel like you need lube, not using it might lead to tiny tears and cuts. These micro-tears can become a breeding ground for a bacterial infection. What’s more, they can make it easier to contract an STI (the person on the receiving end is always at more risk).

To get more out of your lube, look for one that has an osmolality (the measurement of dissolved particles in the solution) rating on the package. For vaginal or anal use, look for a lube with an osmolality in the range of 200 and 380 mOSM/kg. Two lubes that fall into that range are Yes lube and Aloe Cadabra.

3. Your Butt Doesn’t Self Lubricate

Anal stimulation feels good for everyone regardless of gender, but no one’s butt creates lubrication like a vagina. Enter lube! It can turn something from painful or uncomfortable to pleasurable, and the reassurance allows you to relax, which only helps with penetration.

Note that you can buy anal lubes that numb or desensitize, but you actually want to feel your body’s feedback, so we don’t recommend them.

4. They Can Add Sensations

Warming? Cooling? Tingling? Arousal-enhancing? His and hers? Flavored? These are just a few lube options available. Think of sensation lube like you might condoms that have different textures. Sure, they serve a practical purpose, but they can also be just plain fun!

Psst, a silicone-based lube can also be used as a massage product. Try it out!

5. They Can Help You Get Pregnant

Most personal lube actually has a spermicidal effect, which is important to know if you’re trying to conceive. But specifically designed TTC lubes are friendlier to sperm and help you and your partner become pregnant.

Now that you know why we love lube, we hope you consider adding some to your play time! Looking for lube suggestions? Contact us and we can help!

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