5 Top Gag Gifts For the Holiday

5 Top Gag Gifts For the Holiday:

As the holiday season is upon us and many friends are out to play a light, fun, practical “joke” to play on each other. It’s a good laugh for everyone involved and some light-hearted fun that can take the stress out of the otherwise busiest time of the year.


For some of the best gag gifts of 2017 check out these recommendations here:


  • The Chocolate “Clone a Willy” Kit: There would be nothing like creating an exact replica of your “willy” to give to someone for the holidays. Chocolate has long been said to be an aphrodisiac and now we can prove that it really its! At least it’s made willyof yummy delicious milk chocolate – it may or may not be – exactly what that person always wanted!


  •  “Cheer the F*** Up” Coloring Book: Adult coloring is a trend that has taken on more and more popularity in the past several years. Adults are enjoying coloring more complex pictures and making their very own art. This coloring book allows the recipient to do that with 30 tear-away pages that each include a badass message about cheering the “f***” up and being happy! It’s a very appropriate theme of joy and happiness for the holiday season!



  • Brewzies: The Brewzies are an inflatable bra for your guy friends to wear under their clothes. They will be the hit of the party with their new “rack”. Each boob can hold up to 24 fluid ounces (48 ounces total) to double as a great drinking accessory at any party. The straps will adjust to fit most sizes!


  • Dicky Selfie Stick: Selfie sticks are the latest rage in the popular culture of our country today. These sticks extend to over 40″ long and do not require any fancy batteries or wi-fi to work. The Dicky Selfie Stick is unique being able to extend so long that it allows you to get a picture of almost anything brewziesincluding your very own “dicky-doo” if you so wish!
  • Jumbo Rainbow Cock Lollypop: This is not just any massive lollypop. It’s a massive lollypop shaped like a cock. Just like the real thing this lollypop is shaped like a cock and is 6″ of delicious, mouthwatering fun!

For more information on great gag gifts for your best pals for the holidays please feel free to contact us.


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