5 Ideas For Sexier, Stress-Free Holidays

5 ways to keep the holidays less stressful and more sexy

You’re not alone if the most wonderful time of the year has you feeling stressed out. All that stress might be wreaking havoc on your sex life, but we have a few ideas to de-stress and sex yourself back to a happy place.


Schedule a Sensual Massage

What’s a great way to relax? A massage, of course! A sensual massage releases tension from your muscles, and giving or receiving one from your partner allows you to connect. To make a massage sensual, you can strip down completely in a room where the lights or low or candles are lit. You can freely massage your partner in areas where a professional wouldn’t including the butt, genitals, and breasts. Briefly massage those places before moving back to less sensual areas such as the back or thighs. When you’re both sufficiently aroused, your massage can turn into full-on genital stimulation.

To aid in your massage, gather the following tools:

  • Massage oil, candle (check out this Afterglow candle), or cream
  • Massage stones
  • Scarves to drape over lamps for ambiance
  • Incense
  • Soothing music
  • A towel
  • Soft items such as silk scarves or furcandle

Don’t Forget About Me Time

Whether you have a partner or not, a little self-love does wonders to relax. You don’t need to prepare for masturbation. Skip the shower and shave and get down to business, instead. Your hand or favorite toy doesn’t care how you look or whether you’ve brushed your teeth.

You can always set the mood with a bubble bath or music that makes you feel sexy, but none of that’s really necessary. Hell, you might not even have to take off your clothes for a quick solo orgasm.

Sneak In A Quickie

The holidays are full of things to do: decorations, food, and shopping, just to name a few. You might not be having sex because you simply can’t find the time for it. Enter the quickie.

Sex doesn’t necessarily have to be long and drawn out. Sure, foreplay is nice and possibly necessary when you have time for it. But sometimes knowing that you don’t have time (and that the in-laws can hear you through the walls so you’ll have to be quiet) can add a little excitement that makes it all the better.

Quickie sex is probably not going to be the best sex of your life, you might not even orgasm, but it can still be a great way to relieve some stress!

Heat Up Shopping

Shopping during the holidays can be stressful. Everyone has their lists and budgets, and we can be a little less than kind to each other. You probably think that shopping can be something that’s sexy. Think again!

One thing you might try is to wear a remote-controlled vibrator in your underwear or pop in some remote-control kegel exercises, like these, while you shop. Bonus points if you have a partner to come shopping with you: hand off the remote and let them take control.

Speaking of shopping.. smartwe

Buy Something Sexy For Your Partner

You know how excited you are to wear that new top once you wear it? Perhaps you’ve experienced a similar joy when shopping for sex toys. And when the toy is something you’re buying for a partner, you can imagine using it together or watching them use it, which is super hot!

Of course, the definition of “for your partner” can vary. It might be a sex toy, a strap-on and harness, or lingerie that you wear but is definitely a feast for your partner’s eyes. You might even wrap it up in gift wrap to have them open it — in private, for sure!

We carry plenty of goodies that fit the bill at Romantix, and you can contact us if you need some shopping advice.

With a few ideas under your belt, you can finish the holiday season with a smile on your face.



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