Naughty Holiday Sweaters – Exclusively at Romantix

Holiday Party Season is here! You know what that means, the Ugly Sweater Party invites are going to start rolling in. Step up your holiday apparel game with Naughty Christmas Sweater-Tees exclusively designed and sold only at Romantix! Since we don’t do ‘ugly’ very well, these sweater-tees are extra naughty and unique. You will NOT find these anywhere else! All designs are printed on high-quality long sleeve tee’s that will add comfort to your naughty attire. Comfort and kink- it’s kinda what we do.



What’s your favorite Christmas Tradition? Bondage!? US TOO! Let your kink flag fly with this BDSM proud holiday sweater-tee and remind people that when the moon comes out, so do the Christmas lights and toys.



Holiday season means cleaning the house, shoveling the snow and trimming YOUR tree. Are you prepared for Santa to be in and around YOUR chimney? Don’t scare your partner away by not being prepared! Give him/her a holiday buffet with the same love and thought that your best grandma put into her Christmas Meal.



Romance under the mistletoe is nothing new for the holidays- this shirt is just an ode to a good ole traditional Christmas smooch! Pucker up, boys, this shirt is going to get you (and your lil mister) lots of loving.



Make it rain this holiday season! She’s werkin’ and twerkin’ her Christmas hams for you and it’s your chance to show her how much you appreciate it! We know when you need a break from the holiday chaos and family, the neon lights, poles and cash money of your local strip joint will be there with open arms. Happy Holidays from Romantix and your favorite Boobie Bungalow.



While Santa was stealing cookies from your kitchen, Mrs. Clause was getting her own dessert. We have a feeling Santa is totally okay with this though. Make your dinner guest blush a little bit and turn a few heads while your finishing up your shopping with this sexy tee and help spread the holiday lovin!



These tee’s are only available in-store at Romantix. Find a store near you and stock up before the party guests arrive. You are sure to start a few conversations and turn more than a few heads with these Naughty Christmas Sweater Tee’s. Happy Holidays!


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