Teasing is Torture, Why Do We Love it?

Why do we enjoy teasing when it’s just torture?

There is something about soft touches that end too soon that drive so many people crazy. A kiss ended a little too soon, fingers tentatively probing before being pulled back, or a brush of fingertips on your thigh at dinner all allude to a good time later. It can be torturous! We want more, to be satisfied, to feel good, and we want it now, so why is teasing so good?


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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Out at a Bar

Everyone knows that first impressions matter. But knowing isn’t enough. Are we saying and doing everything that we can to showcase ourselves in the best light possible, when we’re hoping to meet someone new, whether for fun or something more serious? Perhaps you are someone guilty of many of these common mistakes and need a dose of reality to help break the cycle. If you’re one who just wants to be cautious against making such faux pas, then this is for you too. Honestly, this list could have been 20 entries long. Maybe more. What you will read here can be applied to all social outlets, not just bars. Please note, that although a man and a woman are featured in some of the scenarios to demonstrate each point, these are great guidelines for all sexual identities and all sexual orientations.



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Four tips for taking the sexiest nude selfies

Tips for taking nude selfies

It’s fun sending one’s partner sexy photos either to entice them for a visit later, or just to give them a pleasurable surprise; however, taking a sensuous, nude selfie isn’t the same as taking a simple headshot, or snap of a particular body part. Arms can only stretch so far, and it’s not so easy getting the right angles or full body images when taking your own images with a phone. For those who want to take stellar nudie pics without setting up a camera on a tripod, imposing on a friend, or hiring a professional, these tips should assist you in getting some gorgeous nudes all on your own!


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Appearing confident when asking for a date

A lot of love gurus will claim that with a successful love life confidence is the key. However, it doesn’t always come naturally. This can be for a variety of reasons, most of which aren’t reasons to be less confident at all. There are also a variety of ways that people have discovered to increase their self-esteem too! We believe the more confident lovers there are around the world, the better love we will all share. Here are a few tips of confidence and why you should graciously gift yourself a bit more.


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Check out our new Video Ask a #LoveExpert: Zero Tolerance

One of the biggest bonuses about working for a company like Romantix is that we get a great deal of firsthand knowledge about all of our products. We get a lot of questions from customers about what to buy for a gift and what toy or lube is best for a particular type of play. We spend a lot of time reading, asking questions and educating ourselves so we are able to help each and every customer get the best possible product for their needs.


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