5 Top Holiday Gifts For Him

5 Top Holiday Gifts For Him:

Many of us have men on our lists that we have to buy a little something for and let’s face it: humans are sexually driven beings. For some males this means includes the pleasure of sexually stimulating themselves at their own leisure. This holiday season, their wish list would happen to include toys that allow them to do so.


The following are a few of the top gifts for men who put self-pleasuring toys on their holiday wish list:

  • The Bomb Masturbator Cup: This cup provides males with a uniquely round stroker and a stretchy material that hugs and extends to give the maximum climax. The material is comfortable and is made of phthalate and latex from TPE and comes in four different textures. This is sure to bring sexual pleasure to any male and is designed to fit any size penis.


  • Bed Bindings Restraint Kit: For those times when a male wants to play with someone else they have to have a great set of bed bindings on them. This kit contains 4 nylon tethers, 2 velvet handcuffs, 2 leg handcuffs, and a free love mask. This kit is essential to helping make your wildest sexual desires and fantasies come true!


  • Long Distance Play? (We-Vibe Sensations Unite Collection): This is the ultimate sex toy for couples that are in a long-distance relationship. Through video chat today you can see each other do – well – just about anything! This includes sexual self-pleasure and play. The We-Vibe Sensations Unite Collection contains sexual vibrators including a clitoral stimulator for her with a slim design that allows you both to be hands-free to caress and cuddle away even if you are miles apart in distance.


  • Lace Black – Teddy: He’ll be speechless when you put on this black lace one-piece teddy with cutout details. This is a one-size piece which is able to be worn by most 95 to 165-pound women comfortably.


Not your style?  We have a large collection on lingerie, click here.

  • Swan the All In One Ultimate Personal Shaver Kit for Men: The Swan the All In One Ultimate Personal Shaver Kit for Men will make you smooth as silk and absolutely irresistible to your partner. The stencil trimmer on this razor comes with 11 different stencil attachments including the main trimmer, beard trimmer, and comb with various lengths and settings included. It all comes with a cleaning brush and a travel bag and base organizer to carry it all around in. This means you can even take your shaving kit on the road for some play while you are away.


That special male someone on your list is sure to be ready for all their sexual play activities with the great expanse of gifts on our list of sex toys for men that are trending in 2017!

For more information on sex toys that that special someone in your life will love please feel free to contact us.


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