Make your holidays magic with the Hitachi Magic Wand


One of the most iconic sex toys out there is the Magic Wand vibrator. Previously known as the Hitachi Magic Wand, rumor has it that the Hitachi company (a manufacturer of electronics and high-powered machinery) sold off it’s patent to prevent being known as “that company that makes the best vibrator.” Now produced by Vibratex under the same design, this toy packs a powerful punch. The Magic Wand has a fairly simple design: a rubber head, a flexible neck, and a nice long power cord. The neck’s flexibility allows you to apply as much or as little pressure as you want.


I have personal experience with this toy. I used to have a dingy plastic battery-powered vibrator that, while it got the job done, left something to be desired. When my boyfriend bought the Magic Wand for me as a birthday present, my life was changed for good. While I always enjoyed sex with him, I often didn’t get off. Now with the Magic Wand, I average 5-6 orgasms each time! This is not hyperbole – this toy really works! It’s great for both partner and solo play. With two powerful settings, the vibrations reverberate deep to reach your most sensitive parts. But gentlemen, don’t worry about being replaced by this toy; foreplay with the Magic Wand has made the usual penis-in-vagina sex even better for me and my boyfriend. When I’ve been warmed up with multiple mind-blowing orgasms from this toy, regular sex feels even better afterwards.

The Magic Wand vibrator makes an excellent holiday gift for a significant other, or yourself. Make your holidays “magic.” Do yourself a favor and buy this toy!

Questions or comments? Contact us to let us know how “magical” this toy has made your sex life.



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