“Dom” We Now Our Gay Apparel

Top holiday gifts for gay male

Here come the holidays! While other stores are showcasing their diamonds, scented candles and goofy sweaters, we’re stuffing your stocking with something a little more enticing. There are all types of gay men in the world, and Santa (with help from Romantix) has something for all of them, as long as they’ve been nice. Or naughty. Whichever you prefer.


The Chocolate Clone-a-Willy is a great gift, whether you want to spice up a night together or crack everyone up at a party. It’s easy to use and takes only minutes to mold an exact copy of any penis! It’s fun, and since it’s made from real chocolate, tasty. Kit comes with everything you need- casting powder, real milk chocolate and simple instructions. Just add the cock you want to gobble up.

Leather Cock Rings are like a sexier engagement ring; they come in a variety of styles, they get your partner’s pulse racing, and they make it very clear right away what you want. Whether you choose the English cage, the Master Rings, or a simple leather ring with a vibrating bullet attachment, there is no chance your partner won’t say “Yes!”



If your partner prefers their halls decked a little harder, there are no shortage of options. A Three Ring Pinwheel or Under Bed Restraint Gear would be something exciting to unwrap on Christmas morning. The pinwheel has three separate rollers to maximize sensation and avoid unwanted pinching. With a black metal finish and extra long handle, it’s well suited for medical fetish play or just sensation play. Add that to the under bed restraints, which easily fit under any mattress or bed frame (all rigging included), and you’ll have your partner squirming in anticipation.


If you really want to bring some intrigue to the bedroom, the Agent Noir Neon Wand Kit by KinkLab belongs under the tree. This is their best selling product in electro play, and with good reason. Roleplay as a ruthless interrogator extracting information from your victim. Within the silver attache case (which has a combination lock) you will uncover every gadget for torment a Special Agent would need. A pair of black double locking handcuffs (included) keep your prisoner restrained as you tease them mercilessly. Perhaps they deserve a multi-chain flogging with your electric whip? Or an energized Wartenberg wheel biting their skin? Maybe stick with the classic comb, one of the most popular electro play tools? Use the teeth to drag an even flow of electricity over their body, or deliver a sharp shock using the tip. With these (and several more) tools in your arsenal there is no way you both won’t get exactly what you want.

If these items have raised your holiday spirits, get in touch with us or visit our website for more inspiring ideas. Season’s teasings!


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