Anal Sex: Who’s Having it and How to Make it Better

How Many Women Are Actually Having Anal Sex & How To Make It Better

Anal sex has become more and more popular in the past decade. Chances are you probably know someone who’s tried it. According to Men’s Health, 36% of women and 42% of men have tried anal. If you’ve been thinking about trying it or you have tried it and want to improve it, here are three ways to make anal sex better.



As with any type of sex, it is best served with some foreplay, the classic kissing, touching, grinding before anyone sticks a part of themselves in your butt hole. Be sure to communicate this with your partner to make sure you are getting the most fun out of it. Since most women can’t orgasm from just anal stimulation alone, so make it more fun by having a few things to go along with it.


Lube is amazing for just about every sexual activity and especially important for anal sex. Vagina’s create a decent amount of natural lubrication but since your butt doesn’t do that it’s probably a good idea to use lube. It will make everything 100 times easier and probably less uncomfortable.


Toys can be used in a few ways, there is anal toys and you can use other toys during anal for additional stimulation. A few toy ideas are butt plugs, you can get them in different sizes so you have what you feel comfortable with. Anal beads are another good butt sex toy. Use them buy yourself or with a partner, just be sure to put them in very slowly.

Overall, the key to anal sex is to keep it slow, keep it lubed up and keep it interesting.


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