Remember to take care of your member! (Penis health)

Penis health

We’re here today to discuss Penis health. Let’s face it; your penis isn’t that pretty. Relax, no one’s is. The smart man realizes presentation is everything. If we want our lover to let that thing anywhere near them, we’re going to have to help our “friend down there” out.


First and foremost, let’s give the guy a haircut. Shaving isn’t just a good idea, it’s almost required anymore by just about everyone. It’s important to keep a close shave to prevent irritation, increase physical appeal, and let’s be honest… it makes him look a little bigger, too.

The next thing we need to think about it what we smell like. We all wear deodorant to fend off body odor, so why do we stop at our armpits? It’s at least as important that our penis is dry and smells good, too, if not more. And I wouldn’t recommend using a roll-on down there. And staying dry is just as important as smelling good. Dryness prevents chafing as well as any unwanted odors. These two issues go hand in hand, as one affects the other.

Since we’re talking about appearances, what about how big you look? Yes, we get a little boost from shaving, but what if there was something more we could do? What if we could make our shaft look a bit meatier? A bit plumper? Lots of products advertise a bigger, longer erection, but I’m talking about actually increasing the girth of your goods! That’s definitely not something we’d pass up. Swelling our member up will increase sensitivity and enjoyment for both partners.

Finally, we’re sliding across home plate. Now is not the time to forget about him either. To avoid irritations or abrasions, regardless of the activity, a water-based lubricant will make sure he stays in optimal shape. One that moisturizes and conditions while providing optimizing lubrication is ideal for use not just on our little buddy, but also for any toys we may bring into our private time.

It just so happens that Romantix offers a convenient group of products, packaged together, that addresses all of these concerns!

So Smooth Shaving Cream is a chamomile-enriched shaving product to give you the closest shave possible with no razor bumps afterward.


So Dry Anti-Chafing Lotion is a unique cream-to-powder formula that keeps you dry and chafe-free with aloe and vitamin E, resulting in a sweat-free you!

So Fresh Deodorant Spray not only offers you a masculine scented manhood, but also nourishes the skin and boosts pheromone production of your member.


For enhanced sexual performance and appearance, as well as arousal, nothing does the job quite like So Big Plumping Cream! It works quickly on contact and is safe for penetration during intercourse.

Finally, safe for your shaft and sex toys, we have OptiMALE Water-Based Glide. This lubricant conditions and moisturizes skin and is safe to use on all materials.

Best of all, these products comes together in a convenient travel set, brought to you collectively by Optimale so your manhood is ready whenever and wherever you go! These products are created with natural ingredients in a cruelty-free environment, right here in the United States!

For questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!


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