Check out our new Video Ask a #LoveExpert: Zero Tolerance

One of the biggest bonuses about working for a company like Romantix is that we get a great deal of firsthand knowledge about all of our products. We get a lot of questions from customers about what to buy for a gift and what toy or lube is best for a particular type of play. We spend a lot of time reading, asking questions and educating ourselves so we are able to help each and every customer get the best possible product for their needs.


Another way we can help you find the best products is by doing various videos about the toys we carry. In each video we show you the toy and what it does as well as explain how to use it. We will talk about what it is made out of, what the warranty is and why we think it is a great product. You may also see comparisons to other toys in the same group and tips on the best lube or toy cleaner to pair with that particular toy.

We have found that this is one of the best ways for our customers to see and learn about all of our products when they are not able to come into the store and check them out for themselves. We have a string of videos for products and we are adding more every month to share new and tried and true items we carry.

The videos are accessible on YouTube and our video blog under “Ask a #Love Expert”. The Zero Tolerance Real Mouth Stroker video is a perfect example of how to see the ins and outs of a product that you may be purchasing online without actually being able to take it out of the box and play with it. Our videos are also a great way to compare the different types of toys before making a buying decision. You may want a stroker but are not sure what you may like best, with the video you can get an up-close look at them without leaving your home.

Check out the videos for yourself and watch for more as we add additional educational information for the toys and products we carry.


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