Current Lube Leaving You Wanting More? Wet Elite Hybrid Lube May Be Exactly What You’re Looking For!

With so many varieties of personal lubricants on the market, it is difficult to try them all, or find a perfect one for your needs. While some may opt for a lubricant that tastes like pie, or causes a tingling sensation, there are many who simply wish to duplicate the feeling of a body’s natural lubricant. Many lubricants are too thick, sticky, or leave unpleasant residue; this is where hybrid lube takes the spotlight. If you’re looking for a slick, lightweight product that simulates natural lubricant, Wet Elite Hybrid Lubricant is the perfect product for you, and your partner!


A hybrid lube is the perfect blend of silicone, and water-based lubricant. Such a lube has the silky smooth feel of silicone-based products paired with the easy cleanup of water-based lubricants. Wet Elite’s hybrid lubricant is a blend of two high-grade silicones with a glycerin, paraben-free water-based portion. Being glycerin, and paraben-free, this product is ideal for those even with sensitive skin!

In addition to a feel most similar to natural lubricant, Wet Elite hybrid lube does have a variety of added benefits. In addition to its silky feel, it is compatible with most toys (with the exception of silicone toys) and condoms, making it a perfect option for sex play. Hybrid lubricant is not sticky, and therefore easily cleaned up once the excitement is over. This product does not stain, so one need not worry about ruining clothing or lingerie during use. One of the best features is hybrid lube by Wet Elite is hydrating for the skin, keeping your most personal parts soft, and healthy. Not a fan of scented products? This lube is unscented so as not to offend the senses, or ruin the mood!Social_WetElite-02_preview

If you’re currently seeking a long-lasting, natural feeling lubricant, Wet Elite hybrid lube is the perfect choice. For more information about benefits, ingredients, or to order, please contact us!

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