Four tips for taking the sexiest nude selfies

Tips for taking nude selfies

It’s fun sending one’s partner sexy photos either to entice them for a visit later, or just to give them a pleasurable surprise; however, taking a sensuous, nude selfie isn’t the same as taking a simple headshot, or snap of a particular body part. Arms can only stretch so far, and it’s not so easy getting the right angles or full body images when taking your own images with a phone. For those who want to take stellar nudie pics without setting up a camera on a tripod, imposing on a friend, or hiring a professional, these tips should assist you in getting some gorgeous nudes all on your own!




1. Make sure your lighting is nice and bright

One main component to any excellent selfie is the quality of lighting. As you probably already know, taking selfie’s in darkened rooms, restaurants, or clubs leave much to be desired because you’re literally not shown in the best of light. One easy trick is to find a spot in the home with the most natural light pouring through, open some shades, or blinds enough to let the sunlight hit you. Light does wonders to bring out the brightness of colors, while blowing out imperfections. If you’re taking the photo at night, try taking your image in a place with the brightest lights (usually bathroom lighting is brightest).

2. Try taking video

One fantastic trick for getting a full nude shot in a variety of sexy poses is by using the video recorder on your phone. Set up the phone so it’s facing the spot you plan to pose (if you set it up far enough away you can get your entire body in the shot). Start recording your video, testing out a variety of poses and once you feel you’ve achieved what you want, stop recording and watch the replay. Now you can take simple screenshots of the best poses, and expressions to send your partner some mind-blowing imagery!

3. Gratuitous breast shots

For those ladies looking to maximize their cleavage, try laying down on your stomach. Rest on your elbows and use a pillow to push your breasts up. With arms bent, use one arm to take the photo, and push the arm resting on the bed inward to “smoosh” your breasts together. Another idea is to sit upright and hold your camera/phone above you. With your free arm hug the space underneath your breasts to create more cleavage. Taking photos from an above angle will highlight both the face, and accentuated cleavage. Extra tip: The parts you want to look the largest, or most pronounced should be closest to the camera, and those you wish to look smaller should be furthest away.

4. Laying down

Though you may not be able to get your entire body in a shot while holding your camera phone, you can get creative by taking pictures while laying down. Maneuver a variety of angles laying down on a bed, floor or couch, and extend the hand holding your phone in the air to take your selfie from above. You may be surprised how you can twist your waist, shoulders, and bend your legs into sexy positions to fit into the small frame using this technique. Don’t forget to give a sensuous expression befitting of the mood.

There are also additional ways to enhance nude selfies such as posing with toys, and or wearing provocative accessories. The possibilities are many!

For more ideas on how to make your sexy images enticing contact us.

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