How Much Sex is Too Much?

How much sex is too much?

In the words of George Michael, sex is natural, sex is fun. When is it too much, though? It might border on becoming a burden. It might also be more of an ailment than an adventure.



It’s Hurting

You have to listen to your body. If you’re a female and are starting to dry out or get a UTI from too much sex, it’s time to slow it down. If you’re a male and your penis is actually starting to hurt (more so if you’re uncircumcised), take a break for a little while.

It’s Getting You into Trouble

You’re having sex in the supply closet at work and have been caught by your boss. You had sex in the movie theatre and got charged with indecent exposure. Whatever it is that you’re doing sexually, look at whether it’s something you can stop or if you feel as though you have to take things to the next level in order to enjoy sexual gratification. It might be a sex addiction that requires some serious counseling to get under control.

It’s No Longer Fun

Sex is supposed to be fun. If you’re having sex because you’re trying to get pregnant or because you took one of those 30-day challenges, try to spice it up. Otherwise, figure out a different way to connect with your partner so you don’t forget what sex is all about.

We’re all about having sex, but it should be within reason. Check out some of our toys so you know how to make it fun and keep everything under control.

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