Three reasons being single on Valentine’s Day is nothing to worry about.

Single this Valentine’s Day, it’s okay

Single and dreading Valentine’s Day? There is nothing worse than walking around seeing people purchasing lingerie, hearts filled with candy, and enjoying intimate meals at the local restaurants, right? Wrong! The truth is that despite having a yearning for love, commitment and intimacy, there are many perks for not being in a relationship on the most romantic day of the year.



1.  The pressure is off.

You do not need to sit around waiting if he will get you the perfect gift, or if she will be happy with whatever romantic plans are set into motion on this day of love. There is no fear of disappointment, and no pressure to rush out to spend a ton of money, hoping for the very best result. Relax, get your favorite take-out, play video games, or watch whatever you want, because today you will not be waiting hours to eat in a crowded restaurant, sitting in a theater watching a film you wouldn’t normally watch, or worrying about seeing a disenchanted look on your partner’s face when they don’t get the Valentine’s Day they envisioned.

2. It isn’t fun celebrating with the wrong person.

An article in Glamour magazine cited thirty different reasons it’s OK to be single. Two stand-out reasons from this article are if you are single, it often means the best is yet to come, and you should be happy knowing you didn’t settle for the wrong person. There is nothing more awkward than celebrating a day of romance with a person who you’re less than into, and don’t feel all that romantic towards. Take heart in knowing you are single because you haven’t yet met that person you actually WANT to share those expensive meals, intimate moments, and lavish gifts with!

3. It doesn’t need to be Valentine’s Day to be a day of romance.

When it comes to finding someone who makes you completely out of your mind excited, it doesn’t matter what day of the year it is. A hot, romantic experience can happen at any moment, and won’t soon be forgotten. The hottest experiences are typically the ones not planned, so don’t feel like you’re missing out because you don’t have someone to cozy-up with in the bedroom on Valentine’s Day. Often, when one is “prepared” for a mind-blowing experience, it isn’t as intense as one that is sudden, and unexpected!

Being single has it’s perks. You can do whatever you want without answering to anyone, you don’t need to worry about disappointing your partner, and your romantic future is wide open for the taking.

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