Men, This Is Why (And How!) You Should Be Grooming

Men, how and why you should groom

In our society, grooming the private area is widely seen as a “feminine” thing to do. So much, in fact, that many men feel it’s actually wrong to groom their privates – as if it will make them less of a man. Women are almost always portrayed as clean-shaven in the media. It’s a popular idea that women who keep their privates well-groomed are more desirable. A lot of men expect their female partners to do this. And yet, the guys seem to be left out of this conversation. Does this mean the male population just shouldn’t groom? Definitely not. There are plenty of benefits to grooming – both for males and females, but we’re going to focus on the men today. If you’ve never considered grooming, or maybe you don’t know how to, keep reading! We’ll go over the various reasons why you should start, and how you should be doing it.



The Why

So why should guys be grooming? Well, there are 3 basic reasons…


While pubic hair isn’t inherently dirty in nature, it can give you more problems when trying to keep things clean down there. According to this article, you have to watch out for:

  • Heat
  • Sweat
  • Bacteria

All of these form around your junk, get caught up in the pubic hair, and hang out there for a while – making things pretty unpleasant for both you and your partner. Trimming or shaving your pubes will get rid of this issue.


Preferences are unique to every person, so what’s inviting to someone may not be to another. However, it’s a pretty well-accepted idea that bigger equals better – or at least looks better. Penis size is something a lot of men think and worry about, and pubic hair may be a factor in that! As mentioned here, if you have a good amount of it, getting rid of your pubes could make your member appear at least an inch longer. Think about it – you’ve got more length hiding under that hair. Why not let it be free?


Lastly, grooming increases sensitivity for you down there. When you have a bush, all that hair gets in the way and limits access to the skin underneath. When you’re clean-shaven, or even just nicely trimmed, you can touch (and feel!) more intensely. Intimate moments will be far more pleasurable for you, which is always a bonus.

The How

Alright, we’ve gone over why men should groom – now onto how to do it. This article gives some helpful tips for shaving properly, including:

  • Use a new, sharp razor
  • Take a hot bath or shower beforehand – this gets the hair soft and easier to shave
  • Shave with the grain, and don’t use pressure
  • Rinse your razor after each stroke
  • Exfoliate afterwards with a sponge, washcloth, or loofah – this prevents blocked pores and ingrown hairs

And of course, to make sure you’re taking extra special care of your privates, use a good shaving cream when you do this. Check out these great products that we offer on our site:

Jo Adrenaline Shaving Cream For Men

This unscented, specially formulated shaving cream can be used on all parts of the body with no bumps, infection, or rashes. It contains none of the ingredients known to irritate sensitive skin, so it’ll leave you feeling wonderfully soft.


Hero 260 Shaving Cream with Pheromones for Men

This aphrodisiac-enhanced, moisturizing shaving cream conditions skin as well as hair, giving an incredibly close, comfortable shave anywhere on the body – ideally around intimate areas! Full of organic aloe extracts as well as soothing tea tree oil and topped off with a manly scent, it will cause you to feel (and smell) amazing.


OptiMALE So Smooth Shave Cream

This chamomile-infused, emollient-rich shaving cream offers a close, smooth shave as well as soothing prevention of skin irritation. Additionally, it actually slows hair regrowth – so it’s absolutely perfect for those wanting a long-lasting shave.


With all the benefits there are to keeping yourself groomed, why not make a habit out of it? Both you and your partner will be sure to enjoy your newly-spruced privates.

Have any questions or comments? Interested in more products to enhance your sex life? Contact us today!

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