Prostate Massage: You’ve Got Questions and We’ve Got Answers

Your Top 5 Questions about the Benefits of Prostate Massage Answered

Not sure how to give a prostate massage or even where your prostate is? You’ve come to the right place!




What is the prostate?

The prostate is an organ in the male body that secretes prostate fluid, one of the components of semen (sperm is another component).

So What are the benefits of prostate massage?

Along with periodic ejaculation (from masturbation or sex), prostate massage boosts the health of your prostate and fights against prostate cancer (the most common cancer aside from skin cancer), which can decrease as you age. These activities clear out seminal fluid from your prostate.

If a prostate becomes ill, you can experience a myriad of issues from painful urination to weak stream to frequent urination and pain in your hips. Although prostate cancer and other conditions, including an enlarged prostate, are considered an older man’s issue, it can affect men in their middle ages.

Aside from promoting health, prostate massage often feels good, can be a bonding activity between you and your partner and can encourage sexual exploration.

Does it hurt?

Prostate massage shouldn’t hurt. Although, if you’re too rough, your fingernails are jagged or you’re using an item for a prostate massage that has sharp edges, it could cause pain.

So….it feels good!?

Yes! Many men enjoy prostate massage. The orgasms caused by prostate massage are reportedly different than the type of orgasm a man typically experienced during masturbation or sex. Some men are able to become multiple orgasmic through prostate stimulation, and others are able to experience orgasms without ejaculation.

Okay, You’ve got My Attention. So How Do I Do It?

Your prostate can be accessed externally through your perineum, also known as your taint. It will require firm pressure, and you can use a knuckle or a toy.

It may be easier to access your prostate anally. It’s about two inches inside your anus toward the front of the body and about the size of a walnut. Using a wet wipe and wearing a glove can minimize any potential mess.

You can use a finger (yours or your partners) or a toy that’s curved for prostate stimulation. G-spot toys work, but you don’t want to use anything without a flared base or handle for safety reasons. Make sure to apply plenty of lube and take things slowly.

You can press on or around your prostate to stimulate it. Try tapping, making small circular motions or dragging your finger across your prostate to massage it.

Toys exist specifically to massage your prostate (Aneros is one maker, and you can contact us for recommendations). You can rock the handle back and forth to achieve stimulation.

A prostate massage may give you an erection and cause fluid to come from your penis, both of which are natural responses to prostate massage.

Now that you know the benefits of prostate massage, why wait? Try it today!

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