Planning Guide for A Naughty Bachelorette Party

How To Plan A Naughty Bachelorette Party

As a bridesmaid one of your fun jobs is planning your bride’s final night with the ladies. You are in charge of the party, so step away from the traditional dinner or night out. Bring your bride out of her shell with a naughty bachelorette party!


Find the Right Location

This is not your normal party. Make sure your location is okay with an adult theme. A private home is an ideal location for the evening’s activities. If your home is not large enough, ask one of your fellow bridesmaids to host. Make sure the location is empty for the party. Abide by any noise ordinances in the area so you don’t draw unwanted attention to the celebration.

The Decor Sets the Mood

Once you find the proper location it’s time to decorate. Let your inner naughty girl out as you find the perfect decorations. Some fun suggestions include penis shaped balloons.

Consider staging a naughty scene as part of the decor. Ask the other bridesmaids for ideas with this one.

Check out this ultimate party kit!!


Choosing Fun Foods for the Night

Set the table right using adult themed plates and napkins. Keep the food choices simple to save on time and stress. Finger foods are perfect. Check out fun candy options such as penis shaped lollipops and ring pops.

Ask your party guests to create some naughty treats for the table. Challenge each person to transform everyday foods into something naughty.

Plan Appropriate Activities

Bring the traditional game of pin the tail on the donkey into adulthood. There is a game called pin the penis on the man. Find something in the wedding colors to cover one person’s eyes. Once you are sure they cannot see hand them the penis and direct them to the outline. Enjoy the laughs as they attempt to place the penis in the right spot. As a personal memento let the girls sign the cover for your bride. It’s a fun reminder for her, but appropriate for a vanilla night down the road.

Bachelorette Games


Gifts Are for Fun!

Before you send out the party invites ask your bride for her sizes. Include this information with the party invite.

Create a gift bag of fun products for the new couple to explore together.

Spicing up the night is one way to ensure everyone remembers the evening for years to come. Contact us during the early part of your planning. We can answer any questions you have. We will also provide you with the perfect product ideas for the evening.


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