New smart SEX-toy technology

Smart toys

Do you consider yourself a sex toy geek? Then you’ve got to try the newest in toy tech: smart toys. Read on to learn what makes them so awesome!


1. They Put the Power In Your Hands

Have you ever been confused over how many settings a vibrator has and what they each do? Smart sex toys connect to an app with a visual interface that allows you to see what you’re getting and potentially even to save your favorite settings for easier access than pressing a button to cycle through them.

Try it out: the We-Vibe Ditto, a smart anal vibrator.


2. They’re Great for Partner Play

Smart toys mean you can use a toy and let your partner control it from their phone, which is even more inconspicuous than a remote control! Some apps are Wifi-enabled while others require Bluetooth, so keep that in mind because your partner might need to remain near you.

Give it a try: We-Vibe’s Sensations Unite bundle contains a dual-stimulator that can be worn solo or during sex.


3. You Get Feedback From Them

We all know that Kegels help with urinary incontinence and aid in sexual pleasure, but how do you really know if you’re doing them right. Thanks to smart toys, your kegel exerciser can read the strength of your muscles and even provide you with games to help make those exercises more fun!

Give it a try: Bloom by We-Vibe helps you strengthen PC muscles and vibrates, too.

4. They Can Learn From You

Smart toys have amazing features such as allowing you to “record” your favorite vibration settings and learning what you like. There’s no need to adapt to your sex toy when it adapts to you! Bonus: you can learn more about what your partner likes through the use of apps, too.


Suggested toy: We-Vibe Verge, a smart cock ring that vibrates.

Of course, We-Vibe doesn’t make the only smart toys. Check out OhMiBod’s lineup or the kGoal by Minna Life.

Check our blog for more sex toy tips and advice or contact us with any questions you have about toys.



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