Product highlight: Clone Your Favorite Willy

Product highlight: Clone a Willy

Let’s be honest.

Ladies: How many times have you had a partner with the perfect penis and the not-so-perfect… anything else?

Gentlemen: How many times have you left your lover for a business trip, only to leave her longingly aching for that perfect rocket in your trousers?


Have you ever jokingly (or seriously) thought, “If he ever dies, I’m really going to miss that penis!”?

We’ve all either heard or told similar lines.  Now, the chance is here and it’s a roaring success!  These Clone A Willy, Make Your Own Dildo kits are a safe, excellent way to keep (or give) your perfect penis.


Choose from a variety of colors to make a body-friendly penis cast so you will always have that perfect “part” of him close by.  Using medically-tested molding gel, you can create an exact replica – perfection and flaws alike – of your favorite appendage. The only difference will be that it vibrates, too! And imagine the fun you can have in the process since making a mold of the perfect penis would obviously require stimulation. You could start with some tantalizing foreplay and end up with a memory mold of one of the hottest nights you’ve had together.

After you make the initial silicone mold, a second dose – using whichever color you choose – is made with a vibrator in the center.  Within 24 hours, you will have a perfect clone of the perfect penis in the privacy of your home.

Now when you are away on that business trip, you can leave her with a true-to-life replica of you or, ladies, when you’re ready to kick him to the curb, you can keep that one part worth keeping.

Now there’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Contact us today to find out more about our penis-cloning kits.


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