Curious about nipple play? Check out our 5 favorite products

Introduction into Nipple Play and some of our favorite products

Did you know that for many women, nipples are erogenous zones? That means that nipple stimulation activates the same area of the brain as vaginal or clitoral stimulation! Nipple play is a sexy way to get her juices flowing for sex, but can also be super sexy on its own. Many women enjoy having their nipples caressed, nibbled on, or pinched. Products like nipple clamps and suction pumps are fun toys to make nipple play even sexier. Check out our top 5 favorite products for nipple play.


  1. Do you want to channel your inner submissive? If you like a little pain with your pleasure, we suggest the Sexy Slave Collar and Clamps Harness. This devious collar drapes around your neck and clamps to both nipples as well as both vaginal lids for the ultimate mix of pleasure and pain. nippleplay2
  2. For a more versatile clamp, try the Kinklab Mandible Body Clamps. Inspired by 1900’s surgical instruments, these clamps are perfect for role play. Unlike the traditional spring clamps, these clamps adjust with screws to your desired level of pressure, making them ideal for beginners. Don’t restrict your use to just nipples though; because the pressure is adjustable, these clamps are great for trying out on your vaginal lids, clit, or any other body part that could use a pinch.nippleplay3
  3. If you’re looking for a more subtle nipple clamp, look no further than the beautiful Gold Magnetic Nipple Clamps. These hand-polished jeweled clamps delicately squeeze the nipples just enough to keep them perky. Since they’re smaller, this style of clamp can be worn under clothes, so no one will know your sexy secret – besides you and your partner.nippleplay4
  4. Have you been a bad girl? Then check out our O-Ring Gag with Nipple Clamps. This devious contraption includes everything you need for a sexy night of mind-blowing bondage: an O-ring that keeps your mouth wide open to be used however your dominating partner likes, a leather collar, adjustable leather straps to bind your breasts, and clamps for your nipples. nippleplay5
  5. Nipple pumps are a fun alternative to clamps. Our favorite is the Extreme Auto-Vac Nipple Pump. This product features cups for each nipple and uses suction to pull the nipples into the vacuum pump, making them perky and erect. The pressure is adjustable, so this is another product that’s good for beginners and experts alike.

Nipple play is great for women, but many of these products work on men as well. As always, contact us with any questions about how to get started in nipple play.

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