The Top 5 Most Orgasmic Sex Positions for Women

Top 5 sex positions for womens orgasms

For those of you who don’t know, female orgasm is all about the clit. But how do we get the clit to reach its max-pleasure point? Here are the best 5 positions that will guarantee an orgasm almost every time.



#1 Facing each other

Sit in his lap with your legs wrapped around him, face-to-face. Not only is this position super romantic, but it will also give your clit some much-needed attention. You can keep your bodies so close that your clit rubs against his body, or you can stimulate yourself with your hand (or better yet, have him do it).

#2 Cowgirl

Sit on him while he is lying on his back. Then, place one of your legs on either side of his torso. Try to ride in a back-and-forth motion rather than up-and-down. If you want, you can try reverse-cowgirl by facing away from him. This position is also great with hand or toy clitoral stimulation.


Doggy Style While perched on your hands and knees, have him enter you from behind. This position works because it will provide super-deep penetration. You can hold still or you rock back and forth for an even more intense experience. To stimulate the clit, use your hand or a toy to rub in a circular motion (or whatever way feels right for you).

#4 Missionary

Although this position gets a bad rap, it can stimulate the clitoris in some major ways. His pelvis and shaft will work together to give your clit a massage, resulting in maximum stimulation. To do the missionary position, lie on your back and have him lie on top of you, facing each other.

#5 Seashell

This position is like missionary, only your legs will be pushed back towards your head. Opening up this way will give you a lot of clitoral stimulation. Use your hands in this position if you need some extra oomph. You can also focus on the nice visual of him thrusting, which will make things even more steamy.

If you would like to look at some toys or lingerie to rev up your clitoral stimulation, contact us today.

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