Top 5 reasons we love lube! The versatility of personal lubricants.

Top 5 reasons we love lube!

Lube is probably the most used pleasure enhancing products on the market. Personal lubricants are far from what would call a one-trick pony. Today there are lubes made with different substances, flavors, with some even tingling or warming up when in use! With so many varieties, and uses, there is no question regarding its popularity. Below are our top five reasons to use and love lube!


1. Vaginal and anal sex

The first reason is definitively the most obvious use for using a personal lubricant. Lube is perfect for reducing friction and making insertion painless and comfortable during both vaginal and anal sex. However, it’s especially helpful during anal sex as unlike the vagina, the anus does not make any natural lubricant, thus lube is extremely helpful! In addition, using lubes that cause tingling, or warmth during sexual encounters can really make a new, thrilling experience!

2. Inside a condom

That’s right! While many men may complain that condom chafe and rub the wrong way, there is a way around this. Putting lubricant inside the condom will make the experience far more pleasurable and smooth for the man as it simulates the natural lubricant found in the vagina. Safe sex need never be uncomfortable.

3. During a blowjob

Using lube can both take some of the work off of the blowjob giver. Rubbing lube on the penis prior to performing a blowjob helps for fast stimulation, and paves the way to orgasm. With so many different flavors, lube is a deliciously exciting addition to oral sex for the performer, and they need not worry about producing tons of saliva.

4. For medical difficulties

A woman’s production of natural lubricant can be affected by many factors. Stress, menopause, medications, illnesses ETC are possible influences that cause vaginal dryness, leading to discomfort, pain, and frustration during sex. Lubricants do wonders to correct this issue, thus relieving stress in the bedroom.

5. Use with toys

Whether one is masturbating or playing with a partner, lube is a fantastic addition to sexual playtime with toys. Adding lubricant to a vibrator will allow one to glide the vibrator smoothly around, easily seeking the most gratifying spots. Obviously, adding lube to anything one wishes to insert will make the activity easier, and more pleasurable.

Personal lubricants can really spice up one’s sex life, and the variety of types make for numerous possibilities! To view our latest lubrication products or to find the perfect lube for you contact us!

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