Are You Unhappy in Your Relationship? A Few Ways to Get Out of a Relationship Rut Are Below

Unhappy in your relationship? a few ways to get out of a relationship rut

Unhappy in your relationship? A few ways to get out of a relationship rut include travel, spontaneity, and spending time apart. Every relationship goes through ups, downs, and lulls, so there’s no need to panic. Read more about each of these tactics to revitalize your love below.


1. Travel

We often define ourselves by our surroundings and our activities; these make up much of the narratives of our lives. What’s great about travel is that we get a clean slate on which to write a new narrative. Our identities get aired out and so can our relationships. Without the stress of work and the monotony of routine, we can be more playful, awake, and present with our partner.

2. Spontaneity

Schedules and responsibilities end up making a lot of our weekly plans repetitive and preordained. This can make it hard for us to enjoy and celebrate our love. Leaving an unexpected loving, naughty, or funny note or gift for your partner can put a bit of spark into their day. The two of you could also head out on a drive on a beautiful day, without a destination-this kind of open-ended exploration fosters curiosity and a sense of playful partnership.

3. Spend Time Apart

While this may seem counter-intuitive, “absence makes the heart grow fonder” is not just a tired adage. When we are around someone all the time, we may stop to notice their attractiveness and lovability, and take them for granted. Having individual hobbies, friends, and activities can make each partner happier, and happiness tends to make people more attractive. When you spend some time away from your partner, you are more likely to see them anew, notice how good they look, and remember how much they mean to you.

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