Male Orgasm: It Can Be Faked. This Is How.

Male orgasm: It can be faked. This is how.

When we think of faking orgasms, we typically think of women who want to let their partners down gently. After all, even if the sex isn’t bad, that doesn’t mean it will get you where you need to be. However, turnabout is fair play, and a woman can feel just as bad for not getting her man to finish as he would if the shoe was on the other foot. Which is why a lot of guys out there fake orgasms from time to time.


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All About Balls: Four simple tips for giving them the attention they deserve

Balls, how to give them the attention they deserve

It doesn’t matter how familiar a lady is with her male partners anatomy, or how many wild sexual encounters they’ve shared together, it is still very common for women to shy away from her partner’s balls. Some may feel unsure whether there is any pleasure to be had, while others fear hurting their partner during sex play, thus ruining what could have been a very promising evening. Even adult model, radio personality, and ‘sexpurt’ Sam Phillips, said in an article via LA Weekly, “If men’s balls baffle you, you are not alone. I have no idea what to do with them”. It’s clear that men experience great pleasure when their partner massages, or performs oral sex on their penis, so it’s natural for a woman to gravitate toward what she knows he’ll enjoy, while steering clear of the unknown.



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Better, Stronger, Faster: The Art of the Male Orgasm

Hey Guys, lets talk about how to make your orgasms better

When we talk about orgasms, it’s usually from the female perspective. We want to know how to make her toes curl, or how to give her a second (or third, or fourth) orgasm. But what about the male orgasm? It’s often taken as a given; in the immortal words of Dante from the film Clerks, “Insert somewhere close, preferably moist. Thrust. Repeat.” In order to have a truly explosive climax, though, you’re going to have to put in a little more work than that. Here are our favorite tips for getting the most out of your orgasm.



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In The Rim Job Market? Inquire Within

Product highlight: XXXtreme Kink Silicone Lick My Ass Rimming Tool

Anal Play seems to fall into two categories; either a person loves it, or they do not like it at all. Very few have a tepid attitude about it. It is also one of the most difficult kinks to satisfy when flying solo. There are plugs, vibrators, dildos, but they don’t totally deliver the sensation of mouth to anus. That is where the XXXtreme Kink Silicone Lick My Ass Rimming Tool comes into play- anal play, that is. Its realistically sculpted tongue and lips made from silicone recreate the feel of a real mouth. Unlike a real mouth, though, this toy is powered by battery pack and comes with 10 vibrating functions for nonstop pleasure. There’s no need to worry about anyone running out of breath… except the user, of course. And while the product is aimed toward anal play, that doesn’t mean it can’t pull double duty. Since the silicone is so expertly crafted to be as realistic as possible, this can be used for clitoral stimulation as well as anal.


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