What’s Hybrid Lube and Why do You Need It?

Why hybrid lube


We all try our best to be educated consumers, and bedroom products are no exception. When shopping for your next bottle of lube, it’s important to look for something that will not only feel silky smooth and amazing, but also keep you safe. Many lubricant types are linked with increased risk of UTIs, and some are known for degrading condoms.

Let’s discuss the different types of personal lubricants available, and how the hybrid lube outdoes them all.

What did you use before?

You may have dabbled with oil-based lubes, which are known to cause a significant increase in vaginosis. There’s also a risk that oil-based lubes won’t be compatible with condoms. Water-based lubes with glycerin can trigger yeast infections and UTIs, and also dry out in no time. Anyone who’s used a silicone-only lubricant will tell you that they’re ultra smooth, but are a pain to clean up and can stain your sheets.

Maybe you’re new to the world of personal lubricants, and looking for a great place to start. Why not skip all the drama and buy the best product first?


Enter the hybrid

Look no further for the perfect product: the hybrid lubricant. Hybrid lube combines the best of all the worlds of lube, without the potential drawbacks of condom breakage, staining, and yeast infections due to bacterial growth in oils.

Unlike many water-based lubes, the Wet Elite Hybrid lube doesn’t contain glycerin, which can trigger those UTIs. Unlike oil-based lubricants, the Wet Elite brand is completely compatible with condoms for your peace of mind. It’s not sticky or staining like many silicone-only brands of lubricant. With its silicone base, this hybrid lube will last and last. It’s easy to clean, long-lasting, hydrating, and paraben and glycerin free.

Oh, and it feels amazing.

Whether you’re a lube aficionado or you’re just starting out, the Wet Elite Hybrid lube offers an elevated experience over ordinary personal lubricants. Contact us today to order your hybrid lube and feel the difference.


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