Product highlight: Jimmyjane Lounge Rumble Sea Vibrating Pleasure Ride

When you think of sex toys that you can mount, your mind probably goes to machines that look like saddles with thrusting dildos attached. Very few companies make these machines, so this standard design has dominated the market for a while. A few other companies have tried to break in. A few years ago, California Exotics came out with the iRide, for example, but it didn’t do well. Enter Jimmjane, a company that is known for luxury vibrators such as the Form 6, with a new take on this old toy.



Jimmyjane’s Rumble Seat is more sleek and refined than other fucking machines. It’s also not about penetration but vibration with a protrusion where you can rest and grind your clitoris until orgasm. Compared to similar sex toys, the Rumble Seat seems smaller. It certainly sits closer to the ground (it’s less than 15 inches tall), so you’ll be in kneeling position when you use it. The back of the seat rises to a handle in the back that cradles your butt and also makes for easier storage.


According to descriptions, the seat is designed for you to rock back and forth, so you’ll get the pressure and movement that’s necessary for orgasm. If you sit on the seat facing the handle, you can use the handle to help yourself move. Because the Rumble Seat focuses on clitoral stimulation, you don’t even need to be fully undressed to use it.

The Rumble Seat comes with a connected remote control to move through the five different levels of steady vibration, and you’ll also need to be mindful of where your outlets are because this machine plugs in. Fortunately, the power cord is extra long. The maker promises that this means it’s strong and that the vibrations are deep and rumbly. The Japanese motor directs vibrations into the “pleasure dome”

This is the first piece of sex furniture that Jimmyjane has produced; although, it may not be the last. The company wants users to fill their homes with devices, so every room can be a sexy room!

<p><a href=”″>Rumble Seat</a> from <a href=””>Pipedream Products</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

While the Rumble Seat isn’t necessarily intended for partner use, you can incorporate it into your activities. Imagine sitting on it while you give a blowjob or leaning over it during certain sex positions.

Although the Rumble Seat is certainly a luxury toy, the price is competitive when compared to other sex machines. So if you’ve tried everything else, and truly want a unique sex toy experience, why not give the Rumble Seat a go?

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