In The Rim Job Market? Inquire Within

Product highlight: XXXtreme Kink Silicone Lick My Ass Rimming Tool

Anal Play seems to fall into two categories; either a person loves it, or they do not like it at all. Very few have a tepid attitude about it. It is also one of the most difficult kinks to satisfy when flying solo. There are plugs, vibrators, dildos, but they don’t totally deliver the sensation of mouth to anus. That is where the XXXtreme Kink Silicone Lick My Ass Rimming Tool comes into play- anal play, that is. Its realistically sculpted tongue and lips made from silicone recreate the feel of a real mouth. Unlike a real mouth, though, this toy is powered by battery pack and comes with 10 vibrating functions for nonstop pleasure. There’s no need to worry about anyone running out of breath… except the user, of course. And while the product is aimed toward anal play, that doesn’t mean it can’t pull double duty. Since the silicone is so expertly crafted to be as realistic as possible, this can be used for clitoral stimulation as well as anal.



The XXXtreme rimming tool is perfect for solo use, but it’s more than happy to join in with partner play. Imagine this scenario: Partner A is a member of the “I love anal play!” club. Partner B, however, is a steadfast member of team “I do not like anal play”. Even if both partners have tried out something they didn’t like for the sake of the other, a rim job is one of those scenarios it is nearly impossible to get a partner to try if they have no interest in anal play. The solution? XXXtreme Kink Silicone ‘Lick My Ass’ Rimming Tool!! Partner B can give Partner A all the anal stimulation they crave while not having to dip their toes (or more aptly, their tongue) into a place they don’t care to go.

The black silicone is washable to keep everything clean and safe. A battery power pack really packs a punch on ten different vibration settings. The toy is shaped perfectly like a mouth and tongue. It’s the perfect package to not only satisfy anal play fanatics, but it might even cause some skeptics to cross over to Team Anal.

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