The Top 4 Questions About the G-spot Answered

Gspot: top questions answered

The G-spot remains a mystery to so many people, even some women who have one! We’re here to clear the fog and provide some real answers.


What Is the G-spot?

Freud was among the first and most notable scientists to differentiate between clitoral and G-spot orgasms. According to the Austrian neurologist, a vaginal or G-spot orgasm was more mature because it directly involved penile penetration. On the other hand, clitoral orgasms were immature orgasms that women should learn to move beyond as they became sexually active with men.

Obviously, there are several things wrong with this view. A woman’s sexuality doesn’t hinge upon a man’s, for one. A woman may be asexual or have sex with other women. And the clitoris is a great source of pleasure and the main source of orgasm for most women.

As it turns out, the clitoris is actually the organ behind G-spot orgasms because the G-spot is simply a spot on the wall of the vagina where the greater clitoral organ can be stimulated. You might be surprised to read this if you think of the clitoris simply as the nub above the vaginal opening. But the organ extends beneath the surface, offering more possible locations to pleasure and possibly produce orgasm. The G-spot is just one of those locations.

Where Is the G-spot

Locating the G-spot is often easier with your fingers because it has a distinct texture. You can insert a finger with the pad pointed upward toward your stomach. Right behind the pelvic bone, about 2 inches inside, you’ll feel an area that’s bumpy. Some people describe it like a small bunch of grapes. This is usually in a valley surrounded by ribs. That’s your G-spot!

The G-spot might not be in exactly the same location for every woman. For example, the angle or your pubic bone might make it a bit further back and harder to reach without a longer toy that has a curved or bulbous head. On the other hand, your G-spot might be closer to your vaginal opening and easier to access, even with a straight toy.

Switch up your positions to make finding it easier. Some women prefer lying down while others sit and some even get on all fours.

Does Every Woman Have One?

Although most scientists now accept that the G-spot is the internal portion of the clitoris, there’s still no consensus. Some researchers have performed studies and concluded that the G-spot does exist.

If you’re a cis-woman with a clitoris that responds to stimulation, you likely can stimulate your clitoris internally. It just might take the right tools.

What Type Of Toy Works For the G-spot

As we suggested earlier, some toys better find the G-spot. A longer vibrator with a bulbous head like the Rechargeable Power G can help you find your G-spot, especially if you’re not experienced with it. The Fifty Shades Freed Lavish Attention Rechargeable Vibrator is designed specifically to seek out your G-spot. You can also find G-spot attachments for wand massagers.


Not everyone likes vibrations, however. Thrusting with a firm or textures toy is a crowd favorite. Curved dildos such as the nJoy Pure Wand come highly rated. The nJoy Eleven is a larger ridged toy. Or you can try the smaller Ella, a dildo by Lelo with a pronounced head. Some women even love glass dildos with ridges or bumps because those textures are so easily felt.


Some women even find kegel balls helpful in this endeavor. Experiment to find what materials, sizes, and functions activate your G-spot the best.


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