All About Balls: Four simple tips for giving them the attention they deserve

Balls, how to give them the attention they deserve

It doesn’t matter how familiar a lady is with her male partners anatomy, or how many wild sexual encounters they’ve shared together, it is still very common for women to shy away from her partner’s balls. Some may feel unsure whether there is any pleasure to be had, while others fear hurting their partner during sex play, thus ruining what could have been a very promising evening. Even adult model, radio personality, and ‘sexpurt’ Sam Phillips, said in an article via LA Weekly, “If men’s balls baffle you, you are not alone. I have no idea what to do with them”. It’s clear that men experience great pleasure when their partner massages, or performs oral sex on their penis, so it’s natural for a woman to gravitate toward what she knows he’ll enjoy, while steering clear of the unknown.



Let’s be honest, a great many movies depict men being kicked, or accidentally hit in their balls, and the outcome is never good. When women think of balls, they think of men grabbing them in pain, so it’s no wonder they consider it a no fly zone. The truth is, though balls are sensitive, they are not only sensitive when it comes to pain, they are super sensitive when it comes to pleasure. That’s right, there are ways to make him go crazy (in a good way), and we are here to tell you how!

  • Licking

During oral sex, try licking his balls before working your way up the penis, or lick them while rubbing his penis. Lick them one at a time, or together. A man’s jewels are filled with nerve endings and he will love every second of this oral experience!

  • Cupping

In her article for Bustle, Amanda Chatel advises that simply cupping a man’s balls during sex is enough to give a real boost in pleasure. She says, “You can even squeeze them a bit, while the cupping and light massaging provides enough pleasure to give some extra stimulation.” Depending on how flexible you are, this is a simple way to really boost his excitement during missionary, oral, and even doggie-style.

  • Just Add Ice

While many are familiar with the idea of perking up a woman’s nipples with ice cubes as a wonderful form of foreplay, one may be surprised to find that icing is also a great way to play with a man’s balls. Sex educator Lou Paget tells Women’s Health, “Rub the cube on and around his balls, and then quickly get down and lick them right after. Alternating between the warmth of your mouth and the coolness of the ice will turn him on in a big way.” Think of it as a healthy, sexy way of playing your man hot and cold!

  • Teabagging

Teabagging is a pretty accurate name for this sexual act as it involves the man dipping his balls into his partners mouth the way one dunks an actual tea bag into a cup of hot water. Try gently sucking on both balls, or insert one into your mouth at a time. Giving your partner a handjob while tea bagging will certainly bring this erotic moment to the next level.

A man’s balls are indeed very sensitive, and when treated properly are a an outright pleasure chamber. Want to make your man go nuts during sex? Don’t shy away, or ignore the crown jewels. Be gentle, but attentive, and you will make him feel incredible.

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