Male Orgasm: It Can Be Faked. This Is How.

Male orgasm: It can be faked. This is how.

When we think of faking orgasms, we typically think of women who want to let their partners down gently. After all, even if the sex isn’t bad, that doesn’t mean it will get you where you need to be. However, turnabout is fair play, and a woman can feel just as bad for not getting her man to finish as he would if the shoe was on the other foot. Which is why a lot of guys out there fake orgasms from time to time.


How, you might ask? After all, a male orgasm typically leave graphic evidence that it happened. Well, it takes a bit of strategy, but it can be done.

The Setup

The first thing you’ll need to do is put on a condom. This isn’t that unusual for people concerned with safe sex, but it is a necessity for making sure your partner doesn’t get too suspicious. After all, if you’re going bare, they’re going to notice something is off right away.

The Fake

The key to faking a male orgasm, according to The Frisky, is a good sense of timing, and a little acting. Let your breathing get hard, and make your announcement the same way you would as if you were having a real orgasm. Don’t overdo this portion, though. If you screw up your face too hard, or try to pass off a shudder as the real thing, your partner might get wise that you’re hamming it up. Remember, less is more when it comes to acting.

The Cool-Down

Once you’ve put your fake out there, you have to sell it. Do some deep breathing, and have a recovery period. Hold your partner, kiss them, say thank you, or whatever it is you normally do after you’ve had an orgasm. Then, dispose of the evidence. While most partners won’t inspect your condom for fluid levels, make sure you toss it into a trash can where it won’t be casually noticed.

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