Why A Healthy Diet and Exercise Is A Key Part of Having A Healthy Sex Life

Why healthy diet and exercise is important to having a healthy sex life

When it comes down to it, health is very holistic. Every aspect of health is interconnected, so it makes sense that healthy eating and exercise contribute to a healthy sex life. It all goes hand-in-hand: eat healthy, be active, have better sex.


The Role of a Healthy Diet

You’ve heard it before: you are what you eat. This isn’t about calories or weight loss: it’s just that when your body has the fuel it needs to chug along as effectively as possible, you just feel better. And the better you feel, the more you enjoy a good romp in bed. In addition, many people have found that diet plays a large role when it comes to oral sex. Diets heavy in red meats and junk food tend to lead to more bitter-tasting outcomes, while fruits and vegetables tend to impart a milder taste when your partner goes down below. Pineapple in particular is well-regarded as a fantastic option if you want to taste great for your partner.

The Role of Exercise

Exercise plays a two-fold role in a great sex life. First and foremost, when you’re fit, you’re better equipped for marathon sex and rocking your lover all night long. After all, sex can be pretty physically exerting! Plus, if you’re strong and flexible, you can more easily try out adventurous, novel positions without pulling a muscle. The second part of this revolves around confidence. It doesn’t matter what your body shape is, confidence is key to great sex, and when you start working out, you’re more confident in yourself. That can only help you in the bedroom, especially when the clothes come off! After all, having body issues is a sure-fire way to finding it difficult to relax, focus on the moment and find bliss.

Have questions about what else you can do to make sure your sex life is as fulfilling as possible? Please contact us today!

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