Girl on girl – lets spice it up ladies

How to spice up lesbian sex

Lesbian sex is so much more than what many of the magazines and movies make it out to be. If you enjoy becoming intimate with another woman, you want to learn how to spice up your love life beyond dildos.



Consider getting a strap on that will allow you to mimic having a penis. It allows you to get full penetration into your partner. Plus, many of the kits on the market have interchangeable dildos. This will allow you to change the length and girth to enhance lovemaking from time to time. If you’re worried about being able to enjoy yourself while penetrating your partner, there are many styles that offer a double-ended dildo, which ensures you’re getting penetrated at the same time.

You may also want to get a pair of Ben Wa balls to have inside of you while wearing a strap-on.

Oral Sex

A little bit of cunnilingus goes a long way to being able to spice things up. Whether this is the foreplay to lead up to something more serious or this is the entire encounter with your partner, you may want to try a few different things.

Consider using flavored lubes. Many of these are designed to tingle or add heat so that your tongue is creating more excitement down there.

Another thing to explore is the category of edibles. They make edible panties and thongs out of gummies, fruit, candy, and much more. There’s something very exciting about laying back and letting your female partner eat your panties right off of your body.


You can also take fingering to an orgasmic new level by playing with a few toys. Many mini vibrators will attach to your finger so that you can create more vibrations directly on her clitoris. Once she screams out in ecstasy, you can hand the toy over and ask her to return the favor.

All sorts of toys for women are available, allowing you to turn up the heat at any time.

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