Mastering Oral – Tips That Will Drive Her Wild

Mastering oral- tips that will drive her wild

Would you like your woman to believe that you have a superpower for oral? Want to make her orgasm with just your tongue? The majority of women cannot come to an orgasm simply with intercourse. They need foreplay, to feel the tension build, to feel sexy, and to feel desired. Here are some tips to help you do just that?


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Spread Em’: Try Our Favorite Wrist/Ankle Spreader Bar

Product highlight: Wrist/Ankle Spreader Bar

Want to take your bondage game to the next level? May we suggest the Stockroom Adjustable Wrist/Ankle Spreader Bar? This product features adjustable cuffs that attach to your partner’s wrists or ankles (or buy two for double the bondage fun!) and a rigid bar in the center for spreading their hands or legs wide apart. The wrists or ankles are spread a width of 24″ to 36″ (which is quite a span!), providing you unimpeded access to their helpless body. The cuffs even pivot for comfort, allowing your partner a minimal range of motion. The brief respite that the pivoting provides allows you to prolong the bondage session without their hands or feet falling asleep.



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Ladies: 3 Ways to Make Your Orgasms Better

Yes your orgasms can be better! Here’s some tips for her.

Did you know that the average age at which a woman realizes that some orgasms are better than others is 24? By that point, many women have had sex with partners and enjoyed solo exploration, too. If you’re one of the women who hasn’t yet realized this, you might wonder if something is wrong with your ability to orgasm that’s making them so lackluster. Or you might even doubt that you’re having an orgasm if it doesn’t make your toes curl. Not only does this knowledge provide assurance that nothing is wrong with you, but it means you have an opportunity to have even better orgasms.



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A Kiss to Remember: How to Make Your Date Melt

The art of kissing

There’s nothing so hard to pin down as what makes a good kiss. It’s different for everyone; we all have individual preferences that determine how we like to be kissed. But what’s universal is that a kiss can make or break your chances of getting to go further with someone. Let’s break down the basics of what goes into kissing like a pro.


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