Ladies: 3 Ways to Make Your Orgasms Better

Yes your orgasms can be better! Here’s some tips for her.

Did you know that the average age at which a woman realizes that some orgasms are better than others is 24? By that point, many women have had sex with partners and enjoyed solo exploration, too. If you’re one of the women who hasn’t yet realized this, you might wonder if something is wrong with your ability to orgasm that’s making them so lackluster. Or you might even doubt that you’re having an orgasm if it doesn’t make your toes curl. Not only does this knowledge provide assurance that nothing is wrong with you, but it means you have an opportunity to have even better orgasms.



Add Toys

Sex toys, especially vibrators, are a boon to orgasms in many ways. For starters, many women never orgasm until they add a little vibration to the mix. And even if you can achieve orgasm without a toy, adding one to your routine can help you orgasm more easily/quickly and more intensely. Now, we cannot promise that using a sex toy will change your orgasms, but if you’ve never tried it, it’s definitely worth checking out.

So get a G-spot dildo or a bullet vibrator and see where it takes you. Don’t forget to take it to bed with your partners to show them your amazing orgasm abilities, too!

Use Sexual Tension to Your Advantage

Sexual tension is about locking eyes with a gorgeous person across the room and just knowing that they want you to, sending texts that describe what you want to do to your partner for hours before you can be together, and wanting to crawl between the sheets but not being able to. Finally, the timing is right.

While sexual tension sometimes just happens, it might have drifted by the wayside as your relationship matured. Or it may be difficult to achieve because you think that sex should be spontaneous and avoid talking about it. But sexual tension can be encouraged. In fact, planning sex is a great way to amp up the sexual tension. You’ll both have something to think about, all other thoughts be damned!

Why is this so important? When you finally come together to, well, come the payoff is amazing. More passion. More intense sensations. Fewer inhibitions. And, yes, stronger orgasms.

Try Edging

Edging is a type of sexual activity where you bring yourself close to orgasm then back off. If you repeat this a few times, the orgasm you experience when you finally let yourself go over the edge can be quite intense.

There are a couple of methods to try. First, you can stop all stimulation when you feel your orgasm approaching. Secondly, you can simply decrease intensity. Finally, you can switch stimulation styles to throw off your impending orgasm.

Edging can also be fun with a partner if they bring you close to orgasm then back off. You have no idea when you’ll be able to orgasm, and you’ll be in delicious agony while you wait.

Now that you know three ways to improve your orgasms, it’s time to start experimenting. If you need tips for choosing the right toy, you can always contact us!

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