Spread Em’: Try Our Favorite Wrist/Ankle Spreader Bar

Product highlight: Wrist/Ankle Spreader Bar

Want to take your bondage game to the next level? May we suggest the Stockroom Adjustable Wrist/Ankle Spreader Bar? This product features adjustable cuffs that attach to your partner’s wrists or ankles (or buy two for double the bondage fun!) and a rigid bar in the center for spreading their hands or legs wide apart. The wrists or ankles are spread a width of 24″ to 36″ (which is quite a span!), providing you unimpeded access to their helpless body. The cuffs even pivot for comfort, allowing your partner a minimal range of motion. The brief respite that the pivoting provides allows you to prolong the bondage session without their hands or feet falling asleep.





The adjustable spreader bar lends itself to many stimulating positions, from the classic laying-down spread eagle to more varsity-level standing bondage (just attach the spreader bar to some rope and the possibilities are endless).  The bar can be used to keep your partner’s hands spread behind their back, over their head, or in front of them. Or attach to the ankles to spread the legs from the bottom up. Try attaching the spreader bar between your partner’s knees for an even wider spread, leaving their helpless body ultra vulnerable to your touch and fully open for business.

This spreader bar conveniently breaks down into three smaller pieces for discreet storage in your equipment bags. This product is easy to assemble – just slide the pieces into place and adjust to your desired width. Then attach to your partner’s ankles or wrists and adjust to fit – you want the cuffs snug to prevent movement but not too tight as to cut off the blood circulation.

As always, make sure your partner is comfortable and fully enjoying the experience. Remember to agree on a safe-word in advance and listen to their cues. And of course contact us with any questions, or to let us know how much you loved this product!

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