How to Give the Perfect Rim Job and Why You’ll Love It

The perfect rim job

A rim job is the act of orally stimulating the anus with the tongue, lips, or teeth. It’s not for everyone, but it can be a pleasurable experience if you’re willing to go the distance. However, there are a few things to consider before diving in headfirst. Follow these tips for giving the perfect rim job.




Practice Cleanliness. Before attempting anything, be sure you or your partner take some time to clean the anus and perineum beforehand so that there’s no hesitation or awkwardness during the act. Using a little soap and water prior to any sexual activity can help you or your partner relax and feel comfortable.

Use Your Tongue. Just like you would when going down on someone, use your tongue generously. Swirling your tongue in circles and in other motions can help really get your partner going. Trying different patterns can blow their mind, so switch things up. You can even try inserting your tongue (if your partner’s okay with that), but a discussion beforehand is probably necessary. You can also try pursing your lips around the anus and sucking gently as you simultaneously glide your tongue across the anus. This should make your partner’s toes curl in utter ecstasy and give you a sense of sexual prowess.

Have a Discussion. Talking about your sexual preferences with your partner is always important so that you both get what you want in the bedroom. Giving rim jobs is no different. Talk to your partner before exploring this particular territory so that you know what’s okay and what isn’t okay.

Why It’s Pleasurable. The anus and perineum have sensitive nerve endings that can make contact with something soft (like someone’s tongue) highly pleasurable. The feeling is somewhat different for men and women, but both sexes can enjoy a good rim job, as long as your partner takes their time and is comfortable with doing it. Because of the risks of STDs, this act is probably best left to those in committed relationships.

For more on how to give good rim jobs, contact us.

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