Tips on Seducing Without Using Words

Seducing without using words

Humans communicate with each other in a variety of ways. When you are ready to let someone know you are turned on by them, there are plenty of ways to do this silently.

Seducing without using words is an art form that is both ancient and also constantly evolving for each individual. This may come easily and naturally to you, or you might benefit from a few tips. Remember to listen to yourself and try to find a balance between putting yourself out there and taking risks and doing what comes naturally to you as an individual. If you do achieve this balance, your seduction and sex life can be exciting and fulfilling.


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The Newest Trend in Sensual Body Care: Bleaching your what???

Bleaching your what???

Shaving, waxing, plucking, shopping and powdering are just a few things you might do to prepare for a hot date that you want to end in sex. Of course, not everyone goes to these lengths, but some people like the boost of confidence they get from being entirely prepared. If you’re one of those people, then you might consider anal bleaching.

Wait, what?


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Hooking Up – Safety Before Sexy

Tips for a safe hookup

Gay men practically invented the “hookup culture”. Being forced to sneak about in dark parks, alleys, public bathrooms just to get their freak on… how could that not evolve from a “something we have to do” into a “something we want to do”. Decades ago, the anonymous hookup was a necessity, and a dangerous one at that. Dark figures in dark spaces meant no chance to exchange sexual history, an abundance of unsafe spaces, and no good way to make sure there was protection.



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Hop To It! The New Silicone Thrusting Jack Rabbit

Our favorite rabbit

Thanks to Sex and the City, women everywhere have found themselves a frisky, satisfying best friend- The Rabbit. It’s a classic toy that is essential to the bedroom pleasure arsenal. Over the years there have been many updates to the classic design, but the Thrusting Jack Rabbit is one of the most enticing. The visual of the sleek design is enough to get the blood pulsing, but this new rabbit offers so much more. The 5.25″ shaft with a pleasing (and realistic) head has three powerful thrusting modes to hit the G-spot hard, fast, and with toe-curling precision. The clit stimulator has seven- that’s right, seven– vibration levels. Both the pulsing and vibrating features can be used separately of one another. Or they can be used together and really get that bed rocking. The simple three button control pad makes it easy to change thrust and vibration as needed. Never be pulled from the moment fumbling for a keypad again!


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