‘Treat Yo’ Self:’ Choosing Your New Masturbator

How to choose a masturbator

Donna and Tom of Parks and Recreation coined the term “treat yo’ self” in which they spent an entire day doing whatever they wanted with no concern for the financial repercussions. Luckily for you, Romantix makes it possible to treat yourself to a new, quality masturbator at an affordable price. Not sure where to start? Here is a quick guide to what a masturbator is and what type is best for you.

Beginner / Basic

Choosing a masturbator can be difficult, especially if you have no clue what to buy. Here are three safe choices for someone just beginning to experiment with toys.

1. Jackits Masturbation Sleeve

This is a nice beginner item for someone with no previous experience with a masturbator. It is simple, affordable, and discreet.

Jackits Masturbation Sleeve

2. Palm Pal ULTRASKYN Masturbator Mouth

A step up from a masturbation sleeve, this piece imitates a mouth for a more personalized experience.

ULTRASKYN Masturbator

3. Cheap Thrills Male Masturbator or Cheap Thrills Male Masturbation Sleeve – The Harlot

These realistic masturbators are a cheap yet quality piece for those looking for their first real pocket pussy.

Male Masturbation Sleeve


These choices are for those that may have more experience with using toys or who are looking for a more technological or discreet experience.

1. His Masturbation Kit

This five piece kit comes with three enhancement rings and two masturbators with three suction cups.


2. Apollo Wireless Grip Stroke Masturbator

This waterproof piece features a removable push button simulator and a sleek, modern design.


3. Apollo Rotator Masturbator

This beautiful toy rotates its textured chamber for maximum fun.



These choices are optimized to create a realistic experience for the user. However, they are not very discreet and will require room for storage!

1. My Holes – Spread Pussy and Ass Masturbator

This larger piece features both a pussy and ass component.


2. Bonnie Rotten Gaping Asshole Masturbator

For those looking for a more NSFW-experience, this piece features a larger asshole as well as a pussy.


3. Fuck Me Silly Man! Mega Masturbator 

This ultimate masturbator features a massive dick atop a 20 lb. ripped body for an entirely realistic experience.


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