Hop To It! The New Silicone Thrusting Jack Rabbit

Our favorite rabbit

Thanks to Sex and the City, women everywhere have found themselves a frisky, satisfying best friend- The Rabbit. It’s a classic toy that is essential to the bedroom pleasure arsenal. Over the years there have been many updates to the classic design, but the Thrusting Jack Rabbit is one of the most enticing. The visual of the sleek design is enough to get the blood pulsing, but this new rabbit offers so much more. The 5.25″ shaft with a pleasing (and realistic) head has three powerful thrusting modes to hit the G-spot hard, fast, and with toe-curling precision. The clit stimulator has seven- that’s right, seven– vibration levels. Both the pulsing and vibrating features can be used separately of one another. Or they can be used together and really get that bed rocking. The simple three button control pad makes it easy to change thrust and vibration as needed. Never be pulled from the moment fumbling for a keypad again!


Along with its many options for pleasure on the toy itself, the practical side of it is just as satisfying as the imminent orgasms. The Jack Rabbit is completely waterproof and submersible, meaning it can come along for steamy showers or a play session in the bath (or pool, or hot tub, or wherever the mood strikes). That makes cleaning a snap, too. No need to stock up on batteries, either. It charges by a USB port (which is self-sealing to ensure a watertight experience) and can get to full power in 2.5 hours. That might seem like a lot, but the charge time is worth it; The Thrusting Jack Rabbit can give up to 65 minutes of powerful pleasure in a single charge.

The Thrusting Jack Rabbit is by far the most luxurious Rabbit yet. From its velvety texture, to its sleek and pleasing design, to the variety of pulse and vibration settings that cater to everyone’s specific needs, this is a toy that every woman should own. Novices can take it slow and steady, gradually increasing their pleasure levels. The more experience connoisseur can jump right into the powerful pleasure.

Get in touch to get on board with the best Rabbit update yet!

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