5 Fabulous Benefits to Dating the Same-Sex

5 Great Things About Dating The Same Sex

Dating the same-sex is an entirely different experience, with many fun little benefits that may not be immediately obvious. Here are 5 fabulous benefits to dating the same-sex




A lot of our relationship troubles come from the lack of interest in similar subject matters. Our gender shapes our interests. For example, women may not like sports as much, but hanging out with another dude who’s just as wild about sports as you are? Perfect. When dating someone of the same-sex, often times your interests will align just that little bit more perfectly.


One of the best benefits to dating the same-sex is that you both can share clothes! Your suit at the dry cleaners and you need to have dinner with your boss? No problem, your partners got one that is likely a close enough fit. Of course this benefit extends to your every day clothes, allowing for a more diverse and beautiful wardrobe.



Each of the sexes has their own problem, whether it be that time of the month, or simply the struggle of finding underwear that properly supports what you’re packing. Dating someone who can relate to even the small things is surprisingly refreshing, and permeates to understanding of a variety of life struggles. Similarly, with that understanding comes…


Everyone’s bodies are different, but when you’re both the same-sex some of that mystery is unveiled, allowing for the more serious faux pas to never come to pass. Long painful nails? Not with someone of the same-sex. Even better, however, is…

Sex Toys!

If sex was fantastic, discovering the joy of sex toys is even better. Often times when people buy sex toys they buy it with the intent of using it on just one of the two partners, but when dating someone of the same-sex you can get twice the benefits of a good sex toy. A double ended dildo, for example, is a unique experience often experimented with by same-sex couples. However, this is just one example of many. A simple sleeve normally used for masturbation, can become a great toy to be exchanged and used teasingly among both partners.

These two sex toys, and many more, are just a few of the endless and fabulous benefits to dating someone of the same-sex.


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