Tips on Seducing Without Using Words

Seducing without using words

Humans communicate with each other in a variety of ways. When you are ready to let someone know you are turned on by them, there are plenty of ways to do this silently.

Seducing without using words is an art form that is both ancient and also constantly evolving for each individual. This may come easily and naturally to you, or you might benefit from a few tips. Remember to listen to yourself and try to find a balance between putting yourself out there and taking risks and doing what comes naturally to you as an individual. If you do achieve this balance, your seduction and sex life can be exciting and fulfilling.


  • Facial Expressions and Eye Contact

The muscles in your face are capable of sending a lot of information to people. The same is true of your eyes. If you’ve ever had some give you a deeply seductive look, you know how powerful the human face is. Raising your eyebrows is a universal signal that you want someone to look at your face. If you lower your head while still looking up, this has a childlike vibe to it that can be vulnerable and attractive. You can also try making eye contact for a few seconds, then looking away with a smile- this is a classic flirting signal. Don’t be afraid to show emotion on your face, and to be vulnerable in your eye contact. Let your arousal and interest flow from your eyes. Whether you smile, stare, or glance is a personal decision, but however you use your face, don’t underestimate its power.

  • Stance and Hip Posture

If you are being seductive, you need to carry your body in an open way. Uncross your arms and let your hands touch and rest on your body. Let your hips and butt move as you approach someone.  Feel and tap into this area of your own body, where so much of our sexual energy originates.

  • Brief Touches

A brief touch can be very seductive. Try touching someone’s arm as you laugh together, letting your knees or thighs meet under a table, or even just letting the sides of your arms touch while standing nearby. All of these behaviors can add to the energy that is gathering between you and the person you are trying to seduce. Physical contact stirs up a spark and can be a great indicator of whether they seem interested or responsive to your intentions.

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