What’s in a kiss?

All About Kissing

Birds and bees don’t do it, but people certainly do. If you’re like most of our visitors, you’ve probably done it yourself. You may be looking forward to doing it again tonight. What we’re talking about it kissing. Osculation, smooching, swapping spit. Whatever you call it, it sure can be fun. So, in the interest of happy kissers everywhere, we’re pleased to present a few fun facts you may not have known about the kiss.


Why do people kiss?

Anthropologists who study such things say that kissing plays an important role in three distinct phases of human reproductive strategy. A first kiss tends to inspire the libido every time it happens. Whether or not they act on it, everyone from adolescents to mature adults may feel sexual desire for each new person with whom they lock lips. When people kiss, they stand, sit or recline closely. When smells, tastes and sounds are mutually pleasing, one kiss can lead to another while setting the tone for an amazing sexual encounter.

As a relationship moves through and beyond its earliest stages, kissing can stoke the fires of romance and inspire partners to pair up. Once a relationship is established, the kiss serves to sustain and reinforce romantic feelings of attachment between a committed couple, reports Psychology Today magazine.

Public displays of affection

A kiss performed in public may mean many things. When a man plants a bit wet kiss on a woman in public, he may be doing so to impress other men with the attractiveness of his kissing partner. When a woman surprises her man with a PDA, she may be doing so to make another woman (or her ex bf) jealous, explain psychologists. Here at Romantix, we like to think that people kiss because it feels good.

What’s in a kiss?

Kissing may be unconsciously used to gauge the suitability of a potential mate Clean teeth, fresh breath and an attractive mouth are a big turn-on, especially for females. When people feel affection and kiss frequently, they may reduce their blood levels of a stress hormone called cortisol, explain researchers at Oxford University.

If you like to kiss, we applaud you. Want to make your next kiss even more exciting and intimate? Browse our catalog to find a sweet selection of erotic lubes, lotions and nicely naughty adult playthings.


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