Rabbits for Beginners

How to choose the right rabbit: there are so many to choose from

A rabbit is an innovative toy that specifically stimulates the clitoris, named for the general design in which two prongs massage each side of the clit. There are several types of rabbits with various attachments and features made to enhance your personal experience. Here is a Romantix guide to choosing the right toy for you.

Basic Rabbits 


The basic rabbit will come with a vibration device and is made to only stimulate the clitoris. The most common type of rabbit will have a dildo attachment.

  • Aria Buzz Rechargeable Buzz Bunny
    • This small, cute rabbit is tiny yet powerful. It is waterproof and includes a magnetic USB charging cable.
  • Eve’s Silicone Lucky Bunny
    • This rabbit is a bit longer which allows for more complex angles. However, it is a bit larger and will require a little extra storage.
  • The Pocket Rabbit 
    • This rabbit is for those looking for a more modern, sleek toy. The discrete design and size allows for smart storage.

Dildo Attachments 

Most rabbits come with a vaginal dildo to accompany the clitoris stimulate.

  • Femme Funn Turbo Rabbit 2.0
    • This is a realistic rabbit with a basic dildo attachment. It is wireless, rechargeable, and includes multiple vibration speeds. This is unique in that the rabbit itself moves in a circular motion!
  • Naughty Rabbit
    • This rabbit is more user-friendly and features a more coy design. The shaft also vibrates on this piece and it is battery powered.
  • Eve’s Bad Bunny Vibrator
    • This beautiful piece comes with both a vaginal dildo and an anal stimulate. It includes 7 unique vibration patterns and independent controls. And it’s rechargeable! rabbit2

Rabbit Type

Some rabbits do not adhere to the two-pronged design. There are several different clitoris stimulation types.


rabbit3Like any toy, rabbits come in various materials. If you intend to use lube or any liquids with your toy, be sure to use the right lube for the material and that the object you are getting is waterproof/friendly.

With these ideas in mind, you are ready to buy your first rabbit. Don’t be afraid to contact us if you are still unsure of which rabbit is right for you.


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