Sexual Horoscope- Aries

Aries Sexuality

Aries, born between March 20 – April 19, is the first of the 12 zodiac signs. Much like their zodiac symbol the ram, Aries is at the forefront of anything, always ready to make the first move. They are the most determined and spontaneous sign, which can either work in their favor or totally against them. Depending on the person they seek to woo, their direct approach to flirting can either be flattering or creepy. A stranger approaching from across the room and saying “Dance with me” can be intriguing to some and terrifying to others.


When an Aries desires something, they go for it. Confident, proud and unflinching, an Aries lover doesn’t hesitate to make their wants known. This makes them well suited in the fetish community, no matter the role they play. As a dom, an Aries clicks their heels and cracks the whip to keep their sub in line. They do not compromise on what they’re after and they won’t let anything stand in their way. As a sub, Aries plays the part of a brat, doing everything they can not to follow orders and be punished (which is really what they wanted anyway). Lovers will revel in the Aries’ determination to make any and every sexual experience the best it can be. An Aries needs to take caution, however; there is a fine line between being a passionate and assertive lover and getting a little too Christian Grey.

The best matches for Aries are Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo and Capricorn. They need someone who enjoys being chased and desired, and will keep them on their toes. Aries craves a challenge.

Ideal toys to gift an Aries:

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