Toys For Men: Four Toys for Beginners

Choosing the right toy for him

Let’s face it, guys can be difficult to shop for. It can be even harder when it comes to getting them toys for the bedroom. The first step to picking out the right toy for any guy is to first ask them what they are comfortable with. Some men will be leery and closed off to the idea of using a toy, others will be far more open, figuratively and possibly literally. Today we will be going over four toys that are perfect for beginners that can open up a world of possibilities.


Start Small

If the guy you are buying for is somewhat closed off to the idea of using toys, cock rings are a great place to start off. Meant to delay their orgasm and make their erections stay harder, cock rings are the easiest ways to introduce even the most closed off man to sex toys. While best used by couples, some guys actually enjoy the sensations when they are alone and even wear them out in public.


Once they have gotten used to the idea of using the rings, it can be easier to introduce them to masturbators. These are perfect for guys who are single or on nights when you just aren’t into it. Most masturbators are made of soft and flesh-like material so even if they same hesitant at first, just the feel of the masturbator will peak their curiosity.


Using the Backdoor

There seems to be a taboo about the butt of a man. It can be difficult to approach the subject if you don’t know how they will react. If you have a guy who is open to the idea of allowing access to this taboo area, it is best not to rush things.

Bullets and eggs are the best starting point for beginners. They are small and concealable making them less threatening than any other toy while still allowing men to feel them. The vibration can help guys who are on the fence loosen up and see how exciting things can be.

Butt plugs are the next step on the journey. Since butt plugs range in size, it can be easier to find a smaller one that allows for easier entry without the looks of fear some of the larger ones can inspire. Since these toys are stationary, it can be easier for most guys to use and not feel awkward about.


Cock rings, masturbators, bullet and egg vibrators, and butt plugs are great ways to introduce guys to sex toys and make perfect intimate, or gag, gifts. As a guy become more relaxed and open to newer and newer ideas, introducing them to bigger and better toys becomes more of a reality than a sex dream. Whether gay, straight, or bi, there is a toy out there for every guy, most just need an introductory point.

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