The Perfect Fetish Gear for Her

Our most fashionable fetish gear for her

Do you want to add some excitement to the bedroom? Maybe you just saw 50 Shades of Grey, or maybe you wanted to change it up for a while, but you didn’t know where to start? First, you should research what you might be interested in–you don’t need to create a full contract just yet!




A good place to start is blindfolding. Losing one of the most important senses causes the others to be amplified. She’ll be relying on touch and hearing to anticipate what’s next. This vulnerability creates an intense level of intimacy and satisfaction for both people.blindfold

Made of a reversible red and black leather, this high-quality blindfold is sure to keep her wanting, and it might open the possibility for even more experimentation.

Get this as a gift that you and your partner won’t regret.


Nipple Clamps 

If you’re feeling adventurous, nipple clamps allow you to explore the sensual realm of combining pleasure and pain.

Get these screw-adjustable clamps with PVC coating safe even for those with a latex allergy. Inspired by 1900’s surgical clamps, they combine nipple (or other creative locations) play with other stimulation sure to drive her crazy for more. The combination of pressure on her nipples, determined by how tight you make them, can leave her speechless and begging for more.


Gags and Restraints

Combining a ball gag with restraints makes it possible for her to be in positions that would be difficult or impossible without. You’re able to listen to her body and create a deeper level of intimacy by being fully tuned into how her body reacts. You can choose how much she can move by the three different sets of rings on the back strap. The cuffs are removable and made from a comfortable and durable nylon, creating comfort and security. The versatility of this set allows you to embrace your bondage fantasies safely.


Whatever you decide to add, our toys and props are the perfect addition for anyone new to adding excitement and for the veteran experimenter.

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