The Sophisticate’s Guide to Seducing the Older Woman

How to seduce a older women

There’s just something about older women, am I right? The combination of class, sophistication, and worldly experience is enough to drive some men crazy. For many, the obsession has been a lasting one and the captivating essence of the older woman has kept them in a tizzy for as long as they knew what it was they wanted to do with her adept body. For others, it was pop culture’s fascination with older women that gave them their first case of Cougar fever. Regardless how your yearning began, you may be asking yourself, ‘how does one go from wanting her to having her?’ Well, first you have to show her that you’re worth her attention in the first place and to learn just how to make that happen look no further than our short list of tips and tricks for seducing the older woman below.


Let Your Experience Speak for Itself

Mature women, just like anyone who has lived an experienced life, have more than likely had their share of relationships and have a better understanding of what they’re seeking in a partner, be it a one night stand or something more long term. By showing your perspective older woman that you too are in a place where you know what you’re interested in and know what you want, even if it’s just for the night, it exhibits your own experienced nature and allows you to do away with the game-playing that often accompanies beginning relationships. Allowing her to see that you are on her level and that you are both seeking the same things is perhaps the most important aspect in wooing the Cougar.

Let Your Interest and Supportive Nature Show Through

Though this tip may seem identical to the last one, there are a few subtle distinctions that could mean going home alone or ending up in bed together by the end of the evening. By showing her that you want to play a supportive role in her life you can begin to sway her opinion of you in a more mature direction. Though this may seem like it would only be important for longer lasting relationships, it also plays heavily into a simple one night stand, or romantic trysts and rendezvous. Simple ways to manifest this supportive nature include listening and communicating in meaningful ways, paying for dinner and dates, and giving small gifts. For more intimate relationships, lingerie makes and excellent gift option. For physical relationships, another great way to show your support is with a back, or full body (wink, wink) massage. Check out this full body lotion for an awesome way to spend your evening together.

Gentlemanly Charms Go A Long Way

Women love a gentleman. And why wouldn’t they? Gentlemen are strong, supportive (as we talked about above), and go out of their way for their woman. Showcasing your gentlemanly charms is an excellent natural and honest way to allow her to see the extent of your maturity. Being a gentleman is as simple as remembering all of those nice manners you were taught when you were young. Dress nicely and smell good. Open her car door and door’s leading into date locations. Stand when she leaves the table. Doing these simple things will remind her that you are more sophisticated than most men your age, and hopefully will make her forget the age gap all together.

Know When Not to Be A Gentleman

Everything in life is balance. Especially relationships and doubly so when it comes to sexual relationships. Sure, being mannerly, opening doors, and generally acting like a gentleman is an excellent way to let your Cougar know that there is something more to you than most men but you also have to know when to let your more carnal nature out to play. This tip is much like the experience tip above but here you are showcasing an experienced nature of a different type. When the time comes to showcase your more elicit skills be sure you know what you’re doing. Communicate beforehand, find out what she likes and doesn’t like and what makes her desire you more. If she is comfortable, there is no better way to showcase your skill than with toys and lubes.

Treat Her How All Women Want to be Treated

Finally, keep in mind that older women are, in the end, simply women and that knowing how to be respectful, patient, and interested in her will more than likely be the main contributing factors in solidifying your relationship. Don’t try to be someone you’re not, don’t try to over impress her, and don’t put on airs. It may be cliche but, ‘just be yourself.’ If you, in your relaxed state of being, are not the kind of guy she’s looking for, it’s probably not going to work out anyway. The trick is to apply these tips and tricks in a natural way to your already outstanding personality. By doing so, finding the right older woman, and taking the time to establish a connection with her, you’ll be taming the Cougar before you know it!

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