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Tell the truth, you love dishing the dirty details of your relationship to that one friend that you can talk about anything and get down to the nitty gritty with. Don’t we all! But what if that friend was also a #loveexpert, and could amp up your game too? Yes, you can have that awesome new BFF by connecting with Romantix on a deeper level through our social media. Now, not only can you get the scoop from our fun articles, you also can start to become a boss in the bedroom and your relationship through…

  •  Sex and Relationship advice– Although you give and receive plenty of advice in this area, now you can get some expertise. Get the low down on important information like how to orgasm better and faster or how to amp up the chemistry on a date with someone you’re interested in. It’s like getting the skinny from your bestfriend, only better!
  • Stay up to date on the hottest products– With names like Disco Triple Play or Topco Cyberskin Stealth Stroker, it can be hard to determine what’s what and how it works. Not only will you be well versed in anything from vibrators to lube, you’ll also be in the know on the latest and hottest trends in products. Now, you can blow your friend’s mind with your knowledge of products, and blow your partner away in the bedroom!
  • Discounts– Once you learn what these products are, and what they can do for you and your partner, you’ll be dying to get your hands on them! (and let them get on other parts of you!) These discounts can help you get your products, and the faster you get them, the faster you can start using them!

So, to better your sex and relationship, start a new relationship with Romantix on social media! To learn more contact us today! From entertainment, to education of products, to advice, ditch just giving details of your love life to a friend and start becoming a #loveexpert yourself!


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